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  • Know the SkyWay Code!

    Let's face it. Drones (UAVs) are fairly new toys. And new law surrounding the use of civilian drones for both commercial and non-commercial flying is emerging on a monthly basis.

    At times, drone law can seem confusing and inconsistent as the various regulating authorities try to keep pace with the sky rocketing sales. But if you're the owner of a drone, then it's important that you have at least a rudimentary grasp of what we've termed the SkyWay Code or Drone Law. Otherwise, you could find yourself the wrong side of a hefty fine.

    Below you'll find our "Drone Law" blog. It houses a large collection of articles from across the web and tracks the various changes in the law from past to present. The most recent blogs are first. 

    In the right-hand sidebar, you'll find some useful legal recourses, including attorneys who are knowledgable in the area of emerging drone law.

  • Drone Legal FAQ

    What is a 303 Exemption?

    Can I fly for real estate?



  • Drone Law Blog - Legal News & Blues

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Your FAA Pilot License

    At the moment, U.S. regulations state that whoever the pilot in command (PIC) is during a given commercial UAV flight, that person needs to hold a valid pilot license (sport or higher). Now, this post isn’t about U.S. drone regulations, UAS [...]

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    Professional drone pilot or company looking to build a UAV program internally? It’s probably a good idea to get drone insurance. You know, since you’re effectively bringing a flying lawnmower into the sky each time you take-off with a [...]

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    Individuals who operate drones are subject to FAA regulations that prohibit careless and reckless operation of an aircraft, the National Transportation Safety Board ruled on November 18, 2014.  In reaching its conclusion, the NTSB overturned a [...]

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    What is all this talk about drone registration and what does it mean for consumers?Drones are becoming increasingly popular these days. Because of this, the... The post Drone Registration: Why You Shouldn’t Worry appeared first on My First [...]

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    Members of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure pushed the FAA on Wednesday, December 10, to accelerate integration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into U.S. airspace, expressing concern that regulators in other countries are [...]

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    The Federal Aviation Administration this week granted exemptions for the use of drones by a real estate firm in Arizona and a crop monitoring company in Washington state, further loosening the agency’s strict ban on the commercial use of unmanned [...]

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    Source: MOTHERBOARD By: JASON KOEBLER Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration hit a Chicago-based aerial photography company with an unprecedented $ 1.9 million fine for flying drones unsafely over the course of some 65 unauthorized flights in[...]

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